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Reiki Kendra Alipore, Kolkata

Reiki Kendra Alipore, Kolkata

Days of the week : Saturday & Sunday

Children below 10 years: Fees Rs. 2,500=00

Reiki I : Fees includes a Reiki reference book priced Rs 300=00 , MP3 Audios of Spiritual Meditation and Golden Ball Excercise ( Hindi, Bengali or English ), Reiki Music with 3 mts bell for practice, Video of hand positions with instruction for practicing Reiki, Photo of Guru ji- Dr Mikao Usui etc.

Reiki II : Fees includes a working mannual

Lunch, tea, refreshments etc. will be served during the workshop

Outstation classes:

Participants to bear the cost of
travelling, boarding, lodging etc.

Reiki class can be conducted at your
HOME - requires 200 sq ft space for
batch of 20 persons

Re–learning Reiki -

Sometime our old students approach us expressing their desire to re-learn Reiki and get re-attuned. Though its not required, since Reiki channel remains capable of channelising Reiki through out his life, still there has been definite advantages as expressed by such students.

Those wanting to re-learn, can enroll and attend normal classes.

Concessional Fees: ( on production of certificates )

Reiki 1 Rs 2,500=00 (Reiki book not included)
Reiki 2 Rs 3,300=00 (With Reiki mannual)

Meditation is included in the above workshops


  • Training classes are also held at other locations including Alipore Tiny Tots School . Check training schedule for details.
  • Reiki workshops can also be held during the week days. There is flexibility of splitting the class into three or four days having smaller duration and even during the evening hours.
  • Workshop can also be organised in other cities or countries on request.
  • Special classes for school children.
  • We offer corporate training programmes- duration or timings may be changed to suit the structure of the programme.

Outstation workshop or workshop at your home: This is to promote Reiki for benefit of people who cannot come to Reiki Kendra. Workshop can be conducted at your HOME -requires no elaborate arrangement- only about 200 sq ft space for batch of 20 persons.

Participants to bear the cost of travelling, boarding, lodging etc incurred by Reiki Master

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