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Nilima Kumar - Psychologist & Counsellor and Reiki healer

Nilima Kumar has taken over the responsibility of giving counselling support to our clients at Reiki Kendra. She brings with her more than 22 years of rich experience as the school counsellor at a reputed birla school in kolkata that has over 3000 students.

Over the years she has gained valuable insights and expertise in handling all types of problems faced by children of all age groups. Counselling sessions are provided both for children, and sometimes parents as well who have a crucial role to play in their development.

She has been associated with Samiskhoni - a centre for psychoanalytical studies and mental therapy in Kolkata for many years and has immense experience in handling adult problems.


Discover your inner strength in solving your problem through counselling support at Reiki Kendra. If you are - emotionally stressed, feeling low due to performance anxiety, unable to face challenges at home or work, consider speaking to our experienced and qualified counsellor. It will help you to develop deeper understanding with regard to your problem and people. Reiki will give you strength to move forward.

As a parent, you can help your child and yourself, deal with external pressures, that might result in an adverse behavioural trend in your child, e.g. aggression, withdrawal, sudden drop in the academic performance, phobia, depression, teenage adolescence issues etc.

Generally we provide assistance in the following areas :-


  • sudden decline in academic performance/ performance anxiety
  • behavioural problems –aggressiveness, nervousness or withdrawal
  • family issues: divorce, sudden death
  • parent's counselling for better handling of their child
  • grief handling
  • adolescence and teen- age problems