Amar Kumar
Reiki Grand Master

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24/1/1, Alipore Road, Kolkata - 700027

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Reiki 1 Reiki 2
Duration 2days 2days
Fees Rs. 6,000.00 Rs. 9,000.0
Fees (Re-learning) Rs. 4,500 Rs. 6,000

Children below 10 years: Fees Rs. 4,500=00

Reiki I :Fees includes a Reiki reference book priced Rs 350=00 , MP3 Audios of Spiritual Meditation and Golden Ball Excercise ( Hindi, Bengali or English ), Reiki Music with 3 mts bell for practice, Video of hand positions with instruction for practicing Reiki, Photo of Guru ji- Dr Mikao Usui etc.

Reiki II : Fees includes a working mannual

Note: Lunch, tea, refreshments etc. will be served during the workshop

RE-LEARNING REIKI : Some of my old students have been expressing their desire to get re-attuned. Though not required since reiki channel remains capable of channelising Reiki through out his life , still there has been definite advantages in many cases.
Such old students can enroll and attend normal classes. They should carry their certificates of Reiki 1 or 2 to claim lower fees:

Outstation classes: Participants to share the cost of travelling, boarding, lodging etc. of the Reiki Master. Reiki class can be conducted at your HOME - requires 200 sq ft space for batch of 20 persons. However, in order to promote reiki, the Reiki Master can be invited to conduct the classes with minimum 5 participants on weekdays.