Amar Kumar
Reiki Grand Master

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Press Clips

Sarawak Tribune (Malaysia) 28.11.1997

Amar Kumar said, "it was an extremely effective technique for total relaxation & stress release".

The Asian Age 02.04.1999

Amar Kumar said, "We believe in the supreme power that vibrates and sends cosmic waves, pranshakti or reiki due to which living thing being thrive".

Sarawak Tribune (Malaysia) 28.11.1997

about diseases the concept is “i have created it and only i can heal it”, says Amar Kumar."

Pratidin 13.01.2001

inspite of no scientific explanation many people have cured themselves of chronic diseases after learning reiki from Amar Kumar.

Hindustan Times 14.04.2001

Everyone I met at Dr. Amar Kumar's Reiki Kendra had something good and positive to say, about his healing touch.

Hindustan Times 14.02.2002

Amar Kumar, a Reiki master says, “Psychosomatic diseases are very common today. The root cause of this is increasing competition and intolerance.”.

Rashtriya Sahara 10.03.2007

Amar Kumar said, "Reiki is very easy to learn. Even a child can learn and treat self and can also treat others"

Times of India 04.05.2012

Amar Kumar said, "Reiki can beat corporate stress"

Times of India 09.06.2012

Amar Kumar elaborates on why one falls ill

Speaking Tree 15.07.2012

Amar Kumar joins the group of enlightened masters on the world's best known spiritual website

Speaking tree 07.10.2012

Amar Kumar share a masterstroke in the speaking tree - times of india's initiative

Speaking tree 07.10.2012

Amar Kumar explains how reiki brings joy in the speaking tree - times of india's initiative

Speaking tree 07.10.2012

Amar Kumar says search for happiness is the source of unhappiness.

Speaking tree 02.02.2012

Amar Kumar says Reiki is a simple skill and one that will lead you up the spiritual path quickly.

Speaking tree 10.03.2013

Amar Kumar says "Resolve daily; I forgive myself and others".

Speaking tree 21.04.2013

Amar Kumar says "Inner peace and a joyful attitude towards life indicate spiritual progress".

Speaking tree 07.07.2013

You can step up your own levels of positivity and good cheer with just a few changes, says Amar Kumar.

Speaking tree 25.08.2013

Amar Kumar says "Doing small bits for others with no expectations - you feel so good".

Speaking tree 13.10.2013

Reena Singh one of the graduates of Reiki Kendra mentions Amar Kumar's giuidance on Reiki that changed her life.

Speaking tree 03.11.2013

Amar Kumar say,"Is'nt it strange? We have ego of our knowledge but don't have knowledge of our ego."