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Healing Experiences

Reiki transforms lives of people at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. At Reiki Kendra we regularly keep hearing healing experiences from a large number of people and many of these healing stories are supported by medical reports. Some of these are quoted below for your perusal . We welcome you to contribute your healing experiences/feedback which will inspire and encourage others to learn and practice reiki for making their lives happier.

My daughter anulika, 10 months old, was diagnosed with rare disease (west syndrome), having 4-5 spazms daily and missing on her normal developmental milestones, was treated with allopathy & homoeopathy for a few months. was given reiki treatment from 20th jun'08 and seizures stopped from 2nd july'08. medical opinion was that it will take long time for seizure to stop...... mr. rohit v. kumar, ranchi

My 7 day old son was detected with 4mm hole in heart as per eco-cardiography. surgery was suggested as only remedy by best hospital. we did day/night reiki and after 10 weeks again echocardiography revealed there was no hole. god's grace. ..... ms piyali goswami, kolkata

My son from age of two was detected with kidney problem. he had to b admitted 7 times in various hospitals by the time he was 9 yrs old. regular reiki treatment was done to him for 3 yrs and recent checkup at vellore hospital revealed he is free from kidney problem j b karmakar, kolkata

Old problem of trembling of body & hands. condition improved with self treatment after reiki-i. during "rebirth meditation" in reiki-ii class it almost got cured.........mrs. arati mishra, 44 yrs, cuttack

Old problem of trembling of body & hands. condition improved with self treatment after reiki-i. during "rebirth meditation" in reiki-ii class it almost got cured.........mrs. arati mishra, 44 yrs, cuttack

Was down with severe lower back pain, due to twisting of muscle in lumber region and was bed ridden. lengthy treatment was prescribed by doctor. by self treatment condition improved, passed fitness test and joined duty on surendra basu, 54 yrs, kolkata

My old cough & cold and general weakness problems are no more troubling me.....mrs. sabitri sen, 55 yrs,guahati

My asthma has gone. no more inhaler.....mrs. madhu kumar, 56 yrs,new delhi

no more depression. what a change ! debabrata bose, 30 yrs, malda

it is 84 hours and no relapse of migraine. only with reiki without dose of 3 tabs/day .........doctors had advised me not to drive car due to spondalities. with self treatment i am back on wheel................... dr manab pal - eye surgeon, 54 yrs, kol

severe headache, lack of concentration, laziness, stomach pain, occasional back pain...... ms. tulika chakraborty, 21 yrs, kolkata

hypertension, asthma and urinary track infection much better. not suffering like before.............. mr. mrinmoy datta, 45 yrs, kolkata

after four unsuccessful operations, infection on my fractured leg due to road accident continued. reiki saved me from amputation of my leg. what a relief anand panjabi, 30 yrs, kolkata

10 year old constipation and obstinate insomnia. constipation is cured. tension has reduced and can sleep. more confident person.........mrs. chandrabali chatterjee, 27 yrs.

had eye problem for 40 yrs. could not see clearly. power was 13. now i have much better vision. ................ mrs. jamuna devi gupta, 65 yrs, kolkata

gave reiki to an injured bird almost dying. it regained consciousness and dilip kr. roy, 50 yrs, kolkata

20 years old habit of consuming alcohol, tobacco etc. had to be stopped under medical advise leading to serious withdrawal symptons with acute depression, trembling of hands, lack of sleep etc. reiki restored normalcy. i could go back to my work within a few months........major raj sahai (retd), 48 yrs, kolkata

i had swollen gland in right side of my neck for 3-4 months. i learnt reiki and in 21 days swelling reduced considerably.........dr. nandita singh (physician), 32 yrs

boiling rice fell on my left hand. within 10mins of reiki burning sensation cooled down . after 3 days treatment there were no marks......mrs. sarbani basu, 50 yrs, kolkata

i was badly affected by parkinson disease. could not walk or speak clearly. had almost given up when reiki came to my life. in 18months i have resumed work. can travel by bus and can speak clearly........mrs, durba dasgupta, 40 yrs, kolkata

chronic spondalities since 30 yrs and frozen shoulder. was unable to move left hand. tried all types of treatment. with reiki improved considerably in a month and cured completely in 9 sonali ganguli, 58 yrs, kolkata

suffered 6 yrs from hypothyroidism with slight goitre and overweight. had prolonged medical treatment. weight reduced from 59kgs to 51 kgs. in 7 months. now it is 14 months and thyroid is normal and goitre is not mamta srivastava, 23 yrs, kolkata

for 7months i had such pain in both knees that it was difficult to walk even with crepe bandage and medicines. with reiki self treatment 90% cured. it is ashok noel rufas, 52 yrs, kolkata

i have deeper spiritual realizations with reiki. quality of meditation has improved. my life has changed............ mr. kirit shah, 55 yrs, kolkata

no frequent bouts of anger anymore. instead of daily medicine now i am able to manage asthma problem with once a week medicine..........mrs. t dutta, 50 yrs, kolkatano frequent bouts of anger anymore. instead of daily medicine now i am able to manage asthma problem with once a week medicine..........mrs. t dutta, 50 yrs, kolkata

10yrs old blood sugar problem got controlled in about 18months with mrinal kanti chatterjee, 65 yrs

my blood pressure came down from 210/110 to 150/90 in 4weeks. hyperthyroid also has reduced remarkably..............dr. drijendra ch. bhadra (homeopath)

i gave myself reiki during my second pregnancy. my child seems to be more intelligent, matured, healthy and happy compared to his age mates. i wish i knew reiki before my first pregnancy...............mrs. preeti gupta, 37 yrs, kolkata

ulcer in my mouth vanished in one day. also i cured my chronic sciatica pain in a few weeks..........mrs. prema venkatarama, 67yrs, kolkata

my face was full of pimples. also had constipation. in one year pimples have vanished and no more vimla chowrasia, 24yrs, kolkata

my wife (37 years old) surgery was scheduled after 7-10days for severe pancreaties pain due to gall stone. her condition improved in 3 days of distance reiki and surgery could be prepared with success...... mr. satyaki lodh, california, usa

i was full of fear, tension due to family problems and professional pressure. tried medicine with no result. 21 days of reiki, it appeares i have removed many tones of weight from my mind.............................. mr anand chahar, 27 yrs, kolkata

my mother was diabetic and also a patient of cirrhosis. few days before her death she had toothache and was not allowed pain killers. i gave her reiki and amazingly that tooth came out. what a relief........ mrs. nandini mukherjee, 33 yrs, kolkata