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Reiki Grand Master

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Participants in a Corporate Wellness Workshop at Tata Steel ,Jamshedpur

In a session with executives of TCS, Kolkata

Amar Kumar conducting a Corporate Wellness Workshop

Post Training Certification at NHPC, Kolkata


Empower your employees through our corporate training programs for a healthy and happy life

Modern living is stressful. The mind can get loaded with negativity, leading to diseases, depression and other mental problems. It causes drainage of energy, tires us and invites a whole host of problems. Things build up slowly and over a period of time it can affect our ability to think clearly, communicate and take the right decisions. Negativity impacts our concentration, it erodes our self confidence and drains our enthusiasm for life.

The common complaints range from crippling anxiety to low self-esteem, depression, angry outbursts, lack of focus, insomnia etc. A discordant employee affects performance and overall morale of the team. It is not just mental issues, the problem has physical manifestations also.

Aches and pains, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, cholesterol...the list is long.

Executive health is required to be nourished. Enlightened management invest in executive-health for over all long term gains and higher productivity. A positive work environment fosters loyalty, lowers the rate of absenteeism, improves morale and can help attract and retain the right talent. Reiki can be simple and effective tool to combat stress and supports in leading a healthy, happy and balanced life.It is so convenient that it can be practiced even while flying.

Our Approach

One of our articles "Work-Life Balance –A Programmed Approach To Employee-Wellness", published in Tapasya, a publication from the Indira Group of Institutes, Pune expresses our approach to corporate training. Many corporates eg. Tata Steel, TCS, NHPC among others, have benefitted from our training programmes.

Reiki Kendra has researched and identified such programs suited for corporates which include Reiki, Yoga, Meditation among other therapies. It has held several such successful workshops for top tier companies across india.