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Reiki Grand Master

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Invisible Body System

Aura & Chakras

Scientific Proof Of Aura Amar Kumar Photographed Through Kirlian Photography In 1998

Reiki Venue: Tiny Tots School


  • There are two levels in traditional Reiki (first & second degree) for treatment of self and others and each level can be learnt in a two- days workshop normally held on weekends. Second degree can be learnt after 21days self treatment after learning first degree. During this period physical toxins and mental negativities start getting cleansed.
  • In the workshop, after the "attunement" or empowerment is given by the Reiki Master, the participants can feel the presence of Reiki energy in their palms. Attunement is a spiritual process of activation of the chakras, located on the aura. After learning first degree Reiki, treatment can be given to self or others, by placing hands on own body or other's body. Transfer of energy from the palms of Reiki healer, can also be felt by the recipient or patient.
  • All the applications and techniques for using Reiki are shared with the participants in the class who are exposed to practical experiencing.
  • At second degree level, Reiki can be sent for distance healing. Every one experiences this phenomenon in the class after learning the techniques.
  • Second degree Reiki is four times more powerful and gives unlimited capabilities of healing in a very wide range.