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Modern living is stressful. The mind can get loaded with negativity, leading to diseases, depression and other mental problems. It causes drainage of energy, tires us and invites a whole host of problems. Things build up slowly and over a period of time it can affect our ability to think clearly, communicate and take the right decisions. Negativity impacts our concentration, it erodes our self confidence and drains our enthusiasm for life.

Meditation can help bring peace and joy to our lives.

It is a journey within us that helps us tap into our inner strength and find true meaning of life. It helps us attain a state of pure consciousness that ultimately leads to bliss.

Meditation is not only for spiritual upliftment , it is essential for mental hygiene and helps you :-

  • Reduce stress
  • Feel more relaxed and peaceful
  • develop a positive attitude
  • with improved memory and concentration power
  • with clarity of thoughts and better communication due to calmness of mind
  • with better observation & perception
  • enjoy life and get rid of depression
  • realize your inner strength
  • enjoy good health

Life has its ups and downs, we cannot hide from the difficult situations. Meditation can help us face them bravely, with a smile. Eventually, we will be able to stay happy all the time, even in the most difficult circumstances

Meditation at Reiki Kendra

Learn simple but very effective meditation technique developed by Amar Kumar. Experience peace and inner joy.

Meditation with Reiki helps you experience level of depth even in a 2-day workshop,rarely experienced by people regularly practicing. Regular practice of the technique can totally transform the quality of one's life.


Our meditation can be a part of your larger corporate training programme / offsite


Depends on batch size, course configuration, location etc. Travelling, boarding, lodging expenses etc. to be borne by the sponsoring company


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