Amar Kumar
Reiki Grand Master

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24/1/1, Alipore Road, Kolkata - 700027

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Amar Kumar over the years has developed an expertise in distance healing. He has been actively providing distance healing support to those in need since 1997, has treated huge number of persons and has vast experience. He is very well known internationally and has clients spread across the cities in India and abroad. He is also one of the Gurus on board of SPEAKING TREE ( TIMES OF INDIA )

Reiki is a spiritual healing therapy and those who dedicatedly practice it, find amazing results.

It is harmless and drugless but very effectively supports even in cases where no medical cure is possible.

Reiki treatment can simultaneously be done with some other ongoing treatment -homeopathy, allopathy, ayurvedic etc.- thus the patient suffers from no risk even in very serious condition. In fact Reiki makes “ earlier ongoing treatment” more effective.

Reiki can be sent for some one without taking his consent – even without informing him. Its positive effect is always for well-being of the receiver.

On Sundays, Reiki Kendra provides extra distance Reiki, free of charge, to some of the clients in crisis, from the 'Light Circle' formed by a group of Reiki practitioners, trained at Reiki Kendra. It is a powerful healing support for needy distance reiki receipients.


  • Healing chronic diseases
  • Injuries
  • Support during surgery or post surgery recovery
  • Insomnia
  • Support to students during examination or for studies
  • Job interview
  • For development of positive attitude
  • Depression
  • Concentration and focus
  • Relationship problems
  • Healing of situation to become favourable
  • To get rid of negative energy influences
  • Etc

FEES : Rs 700.00 per session

Contact: Mobile - 9831017775

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Reiki Kendra
24/1/1 Alipore Road
Kolkata 700027